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Campus Security Report System
點擊撥打 Emergency Phone Number049-2910000 

Campus Security Phone Numbe(24H)0932-576184 


Students Security and Assistance Center provides students services as below

  1. Campus disaster management and campus safety business (compound disaster prevention drill planning and execution).
  2. National defense education business.
  3. Military training instructor personnel business.
  4. Military recruitment related business. 
  5. Handling of student campus life counseling incidents.
  6. Handling and responding to major and safety accidents of students inside and outside the school.
  7. Handle the application and review of various scholarships , grants and emergency relief funds inside and outside the school.
  8. The drafting and implementation of the freshman admission counseling plan.
  9. Requisition and write-off of student public expenses and incentive funds.
  10. Comprehensive business of the auxiliary group of students.
  11. The management of working-student students in the auxiliary group of students.
  12. Life and study related businesses ( anti-drug education , campus bullying prevention and control ).
  13. Student leave and leave records .
  14. Student loan application business.
  15. Various types of student tuition and miscellaneous fee deduction application business.
  16. Life study series related business ( rule of law education ).
  17. Administrative work for student rewards and punishments and appeal conferences.
  18. Student rewards and punishment records .
  19. Collection and review of on-campus work-study living grants .
  20. Vulnerable Bursary Application Operations.
  21. Implementation of business related to the mentor system .
  22. Life-learning series related business ( moral education ).
  23. Lost and found assistance.
  24. Execution of sub-item D of the main booklet of the Deep Cultivation Plan.
    Various counseling activities , workshops , lectures , certificate counseling classes , results web page management and maintenance for students with disadvantaged scriptures )
  25. Execution of Appendix 1 of the Deep Cultivation Plan plan submission and closing , fund execution and write-off ).
  26. Sub-item examination meeting planning and handling (result data collation, briefing production).
  27. Apply for Resilience Outstanding Student Scholarship .
  28. Collection and review of resilience administrative service learning .
  29. Administrative work related to the school security center.
  30. Co-organize off-campus rental housing business.
  31. Co-organize student leave business.
  32. Life-learning series related business.
  33. Handling of student campus life counseling incidents.
  34. Student military service business (service period discount, military status, etc.)
  35. Fill in the report for the number of people on duty and tutoring at the School Safety Center of the Ministry of Education every month.
  36. Issuance of student automobile and motorcycle passes.
  37. Student traffic safety business.
  38. Anti-theft and anti-fraud publicity.